Children’s Week Awards 2021


Given for outstanding and consistent contributions to the needs, interests and welfare of children.


Emma-May Maguire

Nominated by Anna Vagenas, Senior social Worker, District Council Playford


Presented to Emma-May Maguire in recognition of her success in overcoming many personal difficulties and especially her generous contribution to helping staff members in giving wide ranging assistance to students who have even more significant challenges than her own.

Macie Jayne Parker  

Nominated by Lisa Horton, McLaren Flat  


Presented to Macie Jane Parker, in recognition of great commitment to school life, to school sports and to friendship, while displaying an amazing ability to deal with the demands of living with cystic fibrosis: the many periods in hospital isolation, the medical procedures and ever present medication.

Ethan Raggett

Nominated by Amy Burlik, Co-ordinator, Riverland Special School


Presented to Ethan Raggett in recognition of his contribution to both school and community through: participation in school and extra-curricular events from Fashion Parade to cross-country running, rising early to stack shelves with bread at the local super market and after school helping community members through his developing gardening business.

Stories Through Song Project (please note, this is a triple award)

Nominated by Teresa O’Brien, Anglicare Communities for Children, Murraylands 


Presented to the Stories Through Song Project and the children in the three schools who accepted an invitation to participate in a project which aimed to build relationships, respect and opportunities for closing the gap in cultural understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children; by sharing stories  through original music and lyrics developed with the help of tutors and with some Ngarrindjeri translation from Aboriginal grandmothers.

Participating schools:

St Joseph’s Primary School, Murray Bridge, 12 students involved
Songs composed: Possibilities, Mulyawonk (the Bunyip)

Tyndale Christian School Murray Bridge, 20 students involved
Songs composed: Feeling Free, My Country

Mannum Community College, 20 students involved
Songs composed: Friends, Mulyawonk Mannum


Given for outstanding and consistent contributions to the needs, interests and welfare of children.


Lisa Burman

Nominated by OMEP Australia, South Australian Chapter


Presented to Lisa Burman in recognition of a far-reaching contribution to young children, through the insights she has shared locally, nationally and internationally into seeing children as competent learners who are skilled in researching life and making connections. She has encouraged educators to understand children better by doing more listening and less talking.

Ann Millhouse

Nominated by Trevor Feder, Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, Adelaide


Presented to Ann Millhouse in recognition of her significant contribution to children and families through a wide range of early childhood centre based programs, leadership in the field, particularly through the Pre-School Directors’ Association, tutoring student teachers and encouragement of reflective practice.

Emma McPherson

Nominated by Beck Blunn, Community Impact, Playgroup SA


Presented to Emma McPherson in recognition of her success in establishing a Playgroup for the community at East Para Primary School during Covid restrictions in 2020. The program content has been much appreciated by children and families and an extra session has been needed this year.

Melissa Slater

 Nominated by Shelley Mair, Onkaparinga Hills


Presented to Melissa Slater in recognition of her imaginative provision for children’s play in early childhood centres, especially through all seasons outdoor play, together with her capacity to enthuse parents and other educators with the possibilities in the natural world.

Allan Smith

 Nominated by Colleen Pattingale, Girl Guides SA, Whyalla


Presented to Allan Smith in recognition of many years of voluntary service to the youth of Whyalla, through encouraging varied groups and activities: fundraising to support Guides to attend camps, teaching Road Safety, engaging in Clean Up Whyalla, tree planting, distributing programs at Carols in the Park and especially always leading by example.


Recognises a significant contribution to the development of children’s play (Join Award)

Early Intervention Kids Oncology Playgroup, Anna Perry and Rita Lim

 Nominated by Bec Blunn, Community Impact, Playgroup SA


Presented to the Kids Oncology Playgroup in recognition of the contribution the playgroup makes to the lives of young cancer sufferers who, at times when they are well enough, can share with others in a range of carefully planned activities, away from the hospital environment.


In recognition of a young person who shows courage, strength, perseverance and a cheerful attitude in the face of adversity.

Amalia Bradtke

Nominated by Judy Harris, Year Eleven Pastoral Leader, Concordia College


Presented to Amalia Bradtke in recognition of her resilience in coping with the surgeries and other adjustments required in living with Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome. In addition to school commitments Amalia has for 2 years participated in the South Australian Institute of Sport kayaking talent identification squad, entailing multiple training and gym sessions, she raises Indian Ring Neck parrots and has a small business making and selling eco friendly bird stands.

Minister for Education Awards

These awards are offered as part of the Children’s Week celebration for children who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in any endeavour including academic, community service, sport, arts and personal challenge.


Thomas Brooke

 Nominated by Kirstie Wicks and Graham Connor, Class Teachers, St Joseph’s School, Kingswood


Presented to Thomas Brooke in recognition of his awareness and consideration for the needs of others and particularly his generosity to the community beyond school. Thomas: reads to vulnerable children during school holidays and has done so on-line during the Covid lockdown, collects bottles and cans for recycling, donates all the proceeds for the provision of books for disadvantaged children.

 Thomas and Matthew Sullivan

Nominated by Bronwyn Lewis, Alexandrina Council


Presented to Thomas and Matthew Sullivan in recognition of their awareness of the importance of sustainability and responsibility for our planet. With the support of their parents they set up their own rubbish collection and recycling system at Port Elliot, devoted many hours of their summer holidays to their project, donated recycling profits to the Victor Harbor Sea Scouts and have inspired the Alexandrina Council to review the possibilities for recycling on local beaches.


Taya Dabrowski

Nominated by Elizabeth Gary-Smith, former Assistant Principal, Kapunda High School


Presented to Taya Dabrowski in recognition of her active and successful participation in all aspects of school life. Despite some personal challenges Taya has continued her wide ranging voluntary work within both school and community, including an early childhood traineeship.

Jordan Lewis

 Nominated by Malcolm Rogers, Primary School Coordinator, Cowell Area School


Presented to Jordan Lewis in recognition of her leadership within the school community, as a Rural Youth Ambassador and as a participant in many community events. Jordan has managed to develop her interest in dramatic art by regularly travelling to Adelaide and with the assistance of family members, run a stall at the Farmer’s Market to cover the costs.

Honourable Mention

Josh Cartledge

Nominated by Caterina Davis, Assistant Principal, Glenunga High School


Presented to Josh Cartledge in recognition of his participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Social Enterprise activities and his success as an inventor. He won first prize at the Royal Adelaide STEMSEL technology competition in 2019 and won the Asian Young Inventors Best Invention Award in November 2020.

Nicola Petrou

Nominated by Sharon Burgess, Instrumental Music Leader, Learning Pathways, Department for Education


Presented to Nicola Petrou in recognition of her leadership and diligent pursuit of musical excellence both within the range of school offerings and in state symphonic and chamber groups.