Children’s Week Awards


Given for outstanding and consistent contributions to the needs, interests and welfare of children.


Arnold B

Nominated by Taikurrrendi Children and Family Centre, Christies Beach.


Presented to Arnold B also known as “Son” in recognition of his dedication to his Arrernte cultural roots, his love of sharing his culture with others, his playing of the traditional Yolngu men’s instrument the Yidaki and his remarkable capacity for presenting his music at numerous large community events from the Aria awards to Naidoc Week.

Rosemary G   

Nominated by Tanya Galbraith, Junction Siblings in Focus Program, Hackham.  


Presented to Rosemary G, in recognition of her significant contribution to the Siblings in Focus Program, which seeks to support 5-12-year olds who have siblings with disabilities, special needs or chronic illness. Despite many challenges for her family at home, on leaving the program Rosie, in gratitude for past help, has continued as a devoted mentor to others.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students at Seaford Rise Primary School 

Nominated by Burda Sanders, Aboriginal Education Teacher, Seaford Rise, Primary School


Presented to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Seaford Rise Primary School

in recognition of their wonderful shared initiative in writing a song celebrating Indigenous culture plus the remarkable achievement of only 16 students aged 5 to 12, in producing a film clip, “We’re All Deadly”, which with the song as background, joyfully recognises heritage.

Jade W

Nominated by Burda Sanders, Aboriginal Education Teacher, McLaren Vale, Primary School


Presented to Jade W in recognition of her fine contribution to the life of her school, working collaboratively and initiating strong connections with her peers. She is much involved in the school Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander calendar and has participated with great success, in several significant Aboriginal events in the community beyond the school.


Given for outstanding and consistent contributions to the needs, interests and welfare of children.


Tony Grubb

Nominated by Darlington Scout Group


Presented to Tony Grubb in recognition of his contribution to scouting and particularly to Cubs over more than 30 years, participating with distinction at the local, district and state level in everything from regular hall activities, to leadership camps, to fund raising and the planning, building  and running of an activity site at the 2004 jamboree.

Wendy Kirk

Nominated by Lindsay Indge, Girl Guides, SA


Presented to Wendy Kirk in recognition of her outstanding voluntary support of children and young people in South Australia, through her many roles at Girl Guides SA, Scouts SA, St John Ambulance SA. and earlier service to Girl Guides in Brisbane and New Zealand. Also notable is Wendy’s participation in national Guide activities while appreciating all local leaders.

Allan Smith

 Nominated by Colleen Pattingale, Girl Guides SA, Whyalla


Presented to Allan Smith in recognition of many years of voluntary service to the youth of Whyalla, through encouraging varied groups and activities: fundraising to support Guides to attend camps, teaching Road Safety, engaging in Clean Up Whyalla, tree planting, distributing programs at Carols in the Park and especially always leading by example.


Recognize a significant contribution to the development of children’s play


Saturday Dads and Kids Playtime Playgroup Program

Nominated by Gawler and District College B-12 Children’s Centre


Presented to the Saturday Dads and Kids Playtime Playgroup Program in recognition of the gift of 5 years of opportunity for Dads, Grandads and Male Carers to share in the joy of engaging with their children and other “dads” in a safe and friendly space, strengthening family bonds and increasing social capacity across the community.

Honourable Mention

Kath Ireland- Scott Creek Primary School Nature Play Playgroup

Nominated by Beck Blunn Playgroup SA


An honourable mention is given to the Kath Ireland-Scott Creek Primary School Playgroup in recognition of the utilization of the natural woodland; opportunities for observing plants and animals; the provision of spaces for messy play with mud and other found materials and the inclusion of primary school children, thus providing peer support for later transition to school.


In recognition of a young person who shows courage, strength, perseverance and a cheerful attitude in the face of adversity.

Sarai H

Nominated by Kate Berlemon, Hillcrest Girl Guides


The Special Children’s Week Award recognizes the difficulties which Sarai has suffered in learning to relate to others and the success she has achieved in becoming a regular participating member of the Hillcrest Girl Guide Unit, with the nurturing care and support of her fellow guides.


The Ethnic Schools Association of South Australia

Nominated by Darryl Buchanan Executive Officer, Ethnic Schools Association


The Exceptional Award to The Ethnic Children’s Association, recognizes the 40-year contribution made to maintaining the linguistic and cultural heritage of children and young people in South Australia and especially service to Children’s Week through the proud 30 year celebration of costume, song and dance and the parade on Ethnic Children’s Day.


Cameron R, Aaron S

Nominated by Merylyn Rowe, Loxton Primary School


Presented to Cameron R and AaronS in recognition of their exemplary participation as members of the Young Aboriginal STEM Thinkers of South Australia team at the 2019 STEM Aboriginal Congress and the inspiration they provided to 800 Aboriginal student peers.

Samuel W

Nominated by Bill Maher


Presented to Samuel W in recognition of the development of his on-line pop-corn business, his sharing of his success with others both locally and in Singapore, his demonstration that he is not limited by autism and especially his facilitation of fundraising for others in need through Kids4Kids.

Honourable Mention

Hannah D, Kapunda Primary School

Nominated by Nathan Taylor, Principal Kapunda Primary School


Presented to Hannah D in recognition of excellece in her academic endeavours, together with considerable success in choral and instrumental performance, leading to a scholarship to the Open Music Academy at the University of Adelaide Conservatorium.

Hudson L

Nominated by Sara Mori, Teacher Librarian, Westminster School


Presented to Hudson L, in recognition of his demonstration to his primary school peers, of his understanding as a Ngarrindjeri student of the absolute requirement for reconciliation and the acceptance of past wrongs, and the example he has shown his secondary peers of the value of speaking up.


Sabrina P, Sarah P and Mahla T

Nominated by Gabriele Trobbiana, St Peter’s Girls’ School


Presented to Sabrina, Sarah and Mahla in recognition of a remarkable contribution to the correction of club foot disability in children in Bangladesh. With the assistance of professional mentoring, they have designed an improved sole, which will encourage more dedicated four year wearing of brace shoes, as needed to complete correction of the disability.

Elijah S

Nominated by Elizabeth Gary-Smith, Assistant Principal, Kapunda High School


Presented to Elijah in recognition of an outstanding school career academically, in sport, music and leadership, while also making a significant contribution to the community at local, state and national levels. He has managed all of this while continuing to take a supportive role in his family.

Honourable Mention

Cameron D

Nominated by Brenden Baldock, Glossop High School


Presented to Cameron in recognition of an exemplary contribution to school and community, particularly through the sharing of his understanding of technology, allowing collaboration in the management of inter-school events.