Children's Week

The program of Children’s Week in South Australia reflects values and visions of many individuals and organisations, parents, carers, teachers, health workers and those who are responsible for the rights of children and honoured in our festival. Children’s need for joy, safety, acceptance, security and affection is reflected in the program. Reconciliation and multi-ethnicity are emphasised as caring and sharing practices.

A Central Program of Events is planned, including the following events:

  • Children’s Week Official Launch
  • Minister for Education Awards
  • Universal Children’s Day
  • Children’s Week Awards reception
  • Ethnic Schools Parade and Concert

Many thousands of children and their families will be involved in activities and events throughout the State during Children’s Week; through schools, kindergartens, child care centres, libraries, cultural groups, youth groups, sports clubs, local government and community groups. The majority of these activities will recognise the themes.