Children’s Week Awards 2023


In recognition of a young person who shows courage, strength, perseverance and a cheerful attitude in the face of adversity.


Maliyah Warren

 Nominated by Anna Nayda, Principal, Flinders View Primary School.


 Presented to Maliyah Warren in recognition of her strength, courage, resilience and positive attitude whilst coping with various health issues and disabilities. During the past few years, she has had to learn braille, become proficient in using a cane, and utilize a range of other strategies to navigate through everyday life at school. She has also embraced new technologies and continues to impress with her academic and social progress at school.


Bailey Earl

Nominated by Jo Swift, Student Wellbeing Leader, Christie Downs Primary School.


Presented to Bayley Earl in recognition of his hard work and determination whilst coping with several disability challenges. Bailey has shown remarkable improvement in school attendance, engaging in the classroom setting and social skills. He is always keen to share his interesting factual knowledge with others.

Jed Samuel

Nominated by Sue Moody, Support Coordinator, Key Assets.


Presented to Jed Samuel in recognition of the courage, humour, tenacity and enthusiasm with which he engages in life, regardless of the constant pain and illness he has suffered since birth. Despite the challenges and medical interventions he faces, he tries to make every day joyful for himself and others around him.


Given for outstanding and consistent contributions to the needs, interests and welfare of children.


Delilah Childs

Nominated by Adara Wright, Arts Program Coordinator, Carclew (Pom Pom)


Presented to Delilah Childs for her dedication to self-improvement and confidence building through engaging in the arts. Delilah shows a warm, authentic approach with activities and often supports younger participants who require assistance. Additionally, she has taken her confidence and positive attitude further, seeking out extra activities such as speaking in front of a large crowd, barista training, first aid training and applying for jobs.

Amaika-Jane Robeson  

Nominated by Roy Scardigno, Social Worker, Anglicare SA.


Presented to Amaika-Jane Robeson in recognition of her outstanding courage in the face of prolonged adversity. She has shown a remarkable sense of resilience to thrive academically and socially while experiencing significant pain which has restricted physical movement. At the same time she has displayed a high level of empathy for others who may also be suffering.

Nomiki Thomas

Nominated by Les Dennis, Club Service Director, Rotary Club of Regency Park


Presented to Nomiki Thomas in recognition of her researching, writing and publishing a story book titled Goodbye, by the age of 12 years. Nomiki has also been guest speaker at a range of public functions and donated part of the proceeds from her book sales to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, in an endeavour to raise funds for it and create awareness about the organisation.

Jennifer Jacobs

Nominated by Jo Swift, Student Wellbeing Leader, Christie Downs Primary School.


Presented to Jennifer Jacobs in recognition of her contribution to inclusivity, equality and acceptance of all people. This has particularly been shown through her membership of the school’s Student Executive Team and the major role she will play as a tour guide in the school’s 50th year celebrations, as well as narrator of the school’s major stage production.

Indiana Galliford

Nominated by Claire Kennett, Business Manager, Artistic Claire.


Presented to Indiana Galliford in recognition of the courage and wisdom she uses when overcoming challenges in her life. Despite personal challenges, Indiana regularly attends art classes and participated in a Centenarian Project and was able to build an ongoing relationship with a 100- year-old lady.


Given for outstanding and consistent contributions to the needs, interests and welfare of children.


Jessica Hendricks

 Nominated by Jo Swift, Student Wellbeing Leader, Christie Downs Primary School


 Presented to Jessica Hendricks in recognition of her courage and inspiration in educating others about racism and intergenerational trauma and healing. During Reconciliation Week, as a parent at her son’s school, she ran a staff meeting and shared personal stories of fair-skin racism as well as racism within her own community, medical settings and the wider community.

Warringga Committee Founding Members – Kevin O’Loughlin & Joan Gibbs

Nominated by SA Committee, OMEP Australia, South Australian Chapter


Presented to Kevin O’Loughlin and Joan Gibbs in recognition of their role as founding members of the Warringga Committee which facilitates the dissemination of Aboriginal cultural knowledge for children, families and the community. The committee identified a lack of trained Aboriginal cultural guides who are able to work within schools and communities and also encourages understanding of physical and spiritual knowledge related to Bush Food Gardens.

Madeline Little

Nominated by Roz Hartley, Community Development, Uniting Country SA.


Presented to Madeline Little in recognition of her success in running All-Star cheerleading or dance, Ignite Cheer and Dance in Port Augusta. The dance crew is always available for volunteer work and community events such as NAIDOC week and the Christmas pageant. They also do regular fundraising and donate proceeds to local Port Augusta charities, with members of the group understanding that it is not just about being a good dancer, but about being a good person.

Amy Burlik

Nominated by Natalie Coote, Principal & Dianna Sully SSO, Riverland Special School.


Presented to Amy Burlik in recognition of her ongoing passion and commitment to ensuring young people with differing abilities are active, connected and confident community members. Amy organises a range of inclusive activities including a bi-annual whole school fashion parade, school prom, as well as coordinating work-skills and work experience programs. She always advocates in the best interests for students and families and assists them to pursue positive post school pathways.


Recognises a significant contribution to the development of children’s play.


Abbie Solomon

 Nominated by Darren Fleming, Education Coordinator, Ronald McDonald House Charities SA.


 Presented to Abbie Solomon in recognition of the regular, sustained contribution she makes as a volunteer at Ronald McDonald House. She has been involved in the Dinner and Craft-a Noon programs prior to establishing and presenting Story Time with Abbie. On  regular basis, Abbie skillfully selects suitable and topical books which are teamed with appropriate follow-up activities.

Honourable Mentions: PLAY AWARD

Kate Sciduna

 Nominated by Holly Murray, Stirling North.


 Presented to Kate Sciduna in recognition of her facilitating Playgroup SA sessions. The playgroups feature a wide variety of  activities for children aged birth to 5-years as well as running in various locations around Port Augusta and Stirling North which makes the sessions as accessible as possible to all community members. Kate supports the sessions with her extensive child development knowledge which she willingly shares with others

Minister for Education Awards

These awards are offered as part of the Children’s Week celebration for children who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in any endeavor including academic, community service, sport, arts and personal challenge.


Port Augusta Special School

Nominated by Roz Hartley, Community Development Officer, Uniting Country SA: Communities for Children, Port Augusta


Presented to Port Augusta Special School in recognition of students’ persistence and resilience in understanding and illustrating the United Nations Rights of the Child. Artwork produced by the children was displayed in public spaces for community members to appreciate how students with a disability responded to learning.


Lilly Hill

Nominated by Rick Noack, Principal, Para Hills West Primary School


Presented to Lilly Hill in recognition of her being an exemplary role model for all students at the school, including students with a disability.  Due to her determination and resilience, Lilly has been involved in school performances including the nationwide Wakakirri performing arts event, been a member of the school choir and also successfully nominated to be a school captain.

Angus Norcock

Nominated by Rob Sandercock, Principal, Naracoorte Primary School


Presented to Angus Norcock in recognition of his success as a junior golfer at local, state, national and international events, as well as his efforts in attracting other junior players to the sport. Angus has won numerous junior and senior golf championships and gained second place in the 2023 SAPSASA, 12 Years and Under School Golf State Championship. He has also successfully held a MyGolf Program which attracted more than 40 local primary school students who learned an introduction to the game.

Honourable Mentions

Kobi Canning

Nominated by Rick Noack, Principal, Para Hills West Primary School


Presented to Kobi Canning in recognition of his dedication and success in riding Speedway cycles at local, state, national and international events. He has represented South Australia at various Speedway events across Australia, always finishing within the final 3 places. Most recently Kobi represented Australia at the World Cup in Sweden and also in Poland.

Lola Chapman

Nominated by Leisha Sutton, Kids Coach, Family by Family – Uniting Communities, Adelaide


Presented to Lola Chapman in recognition of her volunteer work with the Family by Family Program. She has assisted Family by Family at events and always applies herself diligently to any assigned tasks. Her non-judgmental demeanour is an asset as she models positive behaviours and sibling interactions, which are particularly seen in a current situation where she helps a family with a pre-teen daughter.


Jasmine Friend

Nominated by Natalie Spackman, Senior Leader Mathematics & Science, Craigmore High College


Presented to Jasmine Friend in recognition of her dedication and determination to succeed in STEM subjects and secure STEM scholarship funding. She has been an ambassador of the STEM Scholarship program and represented the school in the NASSSA International Mathematics and Science competitions. She has also attended the National Youth Science Forum on-line and in person.

Jessica Davenport

Nominated by Berlinda Carroll, Teacher, Roxby Downs Area School


Presented to Jessica Davenport in recognition of her commitment as a Mentor student at the International Science Fair at the Australia Science and Mathematics School at Flinders University campus in Adelaide. She volunteered her time and knowledge to support the accompanying year 10 students in presenting a poster, handout and Power-Point presentation at the school. She also mentored and supported year 10 students in connecting with other international teams.

Joshua Turner

Nominated by Stacey Bartlett, Director Teaching & Learning, Wirreanda Secondary School


Presented to Joshua Turner in recognition of his leadership within the school and wider community. Joshua has excelled in archery and competed at the highest level for his age group at regional and national events as well as representing Australia at the 2023 World Archery Youth Championships in Ireland. He is a school captain and leads by example, acting as a positive role model for his peers.

Caitlin Kalms

Nominated by Sam Harrington, Teacher, Berri Regional Secondary College


Presented to Caitlin Kalms in recognition of her academic excellence and leadership within the school. She is a dedicated and studious learner who engages with challenges, no matter what the subject. She organizes school events, has led the Student Leadership Council for two years, is a member of the Relay for Life Team and leads the Environmental Action Team, as well as excelling in fundraising efforts.

Salisbury East High School Robotics Middle School Team – Amelia Downs, Daniel Lythgoe, Bryce Loughhead

Nominated by Kristen Masters, Principal, Salisbury East High School


Presented to Salisbury East High School Robotics Middle School Team in recognition of their dedication, hard work and exceptional skills in designing and perfecting a robot, and competing in the VEX IQ Robotics Competition World Championship in Dallas, Texas, USA. The team was the highest ranking public school in Australia and at the World Championship was placed 34th out of the 80 middle school teams in their division. Team members were also outstanding ambassadors for their school and country.