Children’s Week aims to bring world-wide attention to the need to understand, appreciate and care about children. Children’s Week focuses on a variety of issues including the health, care, education, cultural, social and emotional needs of children and the importance of recognising their achievements.

The Children’s Week Association of South Australia is dedicated to organising a variety of activities to promote the following aims and objectives:-

To achieve recognition of children through publicity and promotion of events and activities in conjunction with universal celebrations.
To develop global awareness of children’s special needs through publicity and promotion in conjunction with such groups as the United Nations Association of Australia and UNICEF.
To promote healthy and active lives for children through care, education, health,
physical activity and cultural programs designed for local involvement.
To encourage community involvement in celebrating childhood through a number of organised educational, cultural and physical activity events.
To demonstrate in a practical way, concern for the well-being of children throughout South Australia.
To increase community awareness of children’s achievements and abilities.

The Children’s Week Association wholeheartedly supports the current community concern to increase the participation of children in physical education and to halt the trend to poor nutrition and childhood obesity.

The need for physical education from appropriately trained personnel and encouragement to schools and families to provide fat, balanced nutrition for children is imperative. The pattern for wellness and wellbeing in later life is set in childhood; the cost to the community of low levels of physical and poor diet cannot be ignored.

The Children’s Week Association of South Australia is concerned for the condition and rights of children in Australia and throughout the world and asserts that children have the right to be protected against abuse of any kind and to have their wellbeing and safety assured.

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